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San Clemente Palace Kempinski Venice

San Clemente Is one of the 3 islands which are just against Venice and may be it is the most important one according to the history.

San Clemente island, is the most beautiful island of Venice; since it is specified as the door of Venice due to the fact that it is too close to Venice and since it has served to so many elegant people of Venice Place such as Christian pilgrims, soldiers and priests during crusades in the history.

The historic church which takes palaces in San Clemente was constructed on 1131 by Pietro Gattilesso with support of Venice noblemen. On 1432, the church and the monastery was extended and was assigned to the Camaldolese Priests on 1642s. At Camaldolese Priests period, the existing church and monastery was improved and enhanced more and more.

One of the most beautiful and cultural places of Venice was set by the newly constituted public gardens. Interior and Exterior walls of San Clemente Church was glamourized by the architects Andrea and Francesco with the sponsorship of Tommaso Morosini, a well-known family of Venice on 1652 and it was also equipped with marble embosses which were showing the sea wars with Turks in those periods. In addition to monuments of Giovanni Segala, Pietro Ricchi and Francesco Ruschi, there is also famous bronze embossed monument of Giusippe Maria Mazza in the church.

On 2003 the monastery was turned into a deluxe hotel with the first restoration and San Clemente church was turned into a place on which the concerts and the meetings related to the hotel were set. The plant, which was closed for so many years was again put into service on June 2014 by elaborating restorations of PERMAK Group, especially for the church, after they bought the island. In addition to unique historical church, there are also Convention Center, Heliport, Special yacht ports, golf area, tennis court, swimming pool and 200 rooms that are mostly special flats and suits in Sen Clemente Island, which is nearly 80 acres. 4-5 journeys a day of Turkish Airlines takes the tourists from various places of the World. It takes 30 minutes from San Marco Airport ports to the San Clemente islands with Water Taxis and it takes 8 minutes to San Clemente Island from Venice San Marco square with special yachts.

San Clemente church and San Clemente Palace Hotel on the island just across the Venice, are continuing to take their places on the history by being the most special place to see and stay.

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